Why do I blog?

I blog because I like to.

I don’t think I can remember my first blog. I remember having blogs on my MySpace page. On News24’s page. Blogger. WordPress. There were more but I can’t remember at the moment. I blogged about holidays and studies mainly. I started playing guitar for a bit and I blogged about that. When I went vegetarian, I blogged week by week for the first month and then monthly thereafter. That was fun do to but I think I may have deleted that blog so I can’t actually go back and read that.

I like the idea of putting my random thoughts and musings into a blog post. I don’t know why though because I get annoyed by people who post every little thing in their minds on social media. I suppose it is a way to express yourself. The problem starts when you want people to think a certain way about you after reading what you put out. That’s not how it works. That’s probably why I can’t stand a lot of people on social media. What is the intention behind their post? To shock? To get likes? The attention? Love? I get why Essena quit social media and why she is trying to get people to build real connections with each other online and offline.

I’m not looking for attention. I just like to have an outlet for my randomness. I like to look back at my silliness. I blog because I like to.