Spier Wine Farm Picnic

Spier Wine Farm Picnic

Two weeks ago I got to experience a lovely afternoon at Spier when I had a gourmet picnic with Snoopy :). Spier is in Stellenbosch.

I had been to Spier before but this was the first time I got to experience the estate. We sat on a blanket on the grass, under the shade of a big tree by the water. It was the perfect spot for the day as it was 35+ degrees Celsius.

The gourmet picnic included the following items:

  • Crispy Baguette with farm butter and home-made humus
  • Winelands Cheeses with fruit preserve and home-made crackers
  • Pasture reared cold cuts with mustard and home-made chutney
  • Farmer Angus Droëwors
  • Mediterranean marinated olives
  • Garden greek salad
  • Whole grain mustard potato salad
  • Fresh seasonal fruit salad
  • 70% Dark chocolate brownie fingers

Since I am vegetarian, I didn’t eat any of the meats. But the cheese and bread are filling enough for a light lunch. We added a Chardonnay to our bag which was a nice plus. I would recommend drinking water first though, especially if it is such a hot day. I got totally dehydrated and instead of having water first I went for the wine. That evening I felt like I had cold/flu symptoms and I couldn’t get rid of my headache. Other than that, I was good!

Perfect summer day

The mustard potato salad was divine. I need to learn how to make it with those baby potatoes. The Greek salad was nice and fresh and I enjoyed their feta. The fruit salad was also nice with sweet, fresh fruits. The cheeses were amazing. There was a triangle of brie with pieces of peppers or chillies in them. It tasted amazing and it went well with the crispy, fresh baguette. We also got a circle of Camembert which was nice but not my favourite. The brie impressed me too much I guess. We also got a rectangle of a nice cheddar. At least I think it was cheddar.

In the basket, we also got a large brown paper to use as a table-cloth, forks, spoons, knives, and plates made of cornstarch. We also got napkins and 2 wine glasses that needed to be returned before we left.

A place by the water, under a shady tree

We left the wine farm some time after 17:00 to watch the sun set. We had a lovely time at Spier and it’s definitely one of the best picnic spots and it’s also a great date idea. I have no complaints except that after 5 the staff kind of disappears. We had the dark chocolate brownies on the beach as our dessert. They were delicious! I wouldn’t mind having a whole box of them.

I can’t wait for my next Spier picnic!