Keep Calm and Trust Lindsey

Hey guys, I hope you all are well.  I’m mystery blogger X, but you can call me Snoopy.  Thank you Lindsey for inviting me to do a guest post in your corner of the web. It’s always a pleasure to be in the company of such a lovely host.  This is my first visit so I’ll try to keep it short and engaging.

I often try to have a unique perspective on things, especially when it comes to series I watch or the books I read. Whenever there is an opinion about something I always ask myself “Does this person really enjoy this, or are they just trying to fit in?” There’s always greater joy in the authenticity of an experience or opinion.

I know this is not making any sense now….but just bear with me.

I became Potter head in about grade 6 or 7. I had discovered the books at our local library where they initially only had the Afrikaans copies of Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets. I was so lost in this world, barely knowing that it was a global phenomenon. I eventually had to reread the first few bookHarry Potters in English, which is good because Dumbledore sounds like more of a badass than Dompledorius.

Anyway, one day for oral this guy claimed he was a Potterhead and did a short presentation about The Philosopher’s Stone movie. He got all his facts wrong and he didn’t even know it was a book. Our teacher was so impressed by the presentation until a number of us fumingly pointed out that the entire presentation was bullshit. She said yes, but the poster is so nice. South African schooling for you hey, but oh well.

I’m always annoyed when this conversation happens:

Me: I really enjoyed the Harry Potter Series

Person: I’m all about Harry Potter, it’s such a cool movie!

Me: Awesome, I spent too much time reading the books.

Person: I never read the books…..

Don’t get me started on my experiences with Game of Thrones. I once heard two people talk about GoT for 30mins without saying anything about the plot except how good it is, with a “knowing grin”. This was after GoT had dominated an earlier discussion.  Both of these guys weren’t very smart. Their IQ’s were lower than you can go on that T-pain song. I was immediately ambivalent about watching it. I know I was critical, bordering on rudeness when Lindsey told me about how much she enjoys GoT.  She patiently introduced me to the show, not being swayed or even angered by my strong anti-GoT sentiments. I am glad to say that ironically, I became a big fan of the series too.

I guess I have trouble with accepting the status quo or not thinking of the world critically. I think people should always work towards celebrating their own uniqueness.  But as the above GoT anecdote shows, some things are popular for a good reason. The opinions of a few idiots (or many idiots) should not deter one from enjoying something and forming your own opinion of it. Thank you Lindsey for showing me the way.

Till our next visit.