Chocolate and Wine Tasting at Spier Wine Farm

Chocolate and Wine Tasting at Spier Wine Farm

So this weekend I had my first wine tasting experience! I’m not a big fan of wine and I can’t really tell the difference between the different wines. We just decided, spur of the moment, to Google what time Spier Wine farm closes and we went straight over.

We decided on the R65 Chocolate and Wine tasting. The chocolates looked so interesting that I opened all 3 of them. They were dark malted cherry, white cardamon and passion fruit, and white peppered plum.

Each of these had to be eaten with 2 different wines. The first with 2 red wines, 2nd with 2 white wines, 3rd with a sparkling white wine and pink wine.



I think I was more interested in the chocolates than the wines but they only gave enough for you to have the taste on your palate. Basically you take a sip of wine and taste it, then take a bite of the chocolate paired with it, then take a sip of the same wine and taste the different flavours.




I still can’t tell the difference between the different wines and I am still not a fan of wine but I do have respect and appreciation for the wine making process and the work that goes into it.


I’d like to go for another wine tasting in the future. Maybe with a different pairing next time.

I also had fun on Spier’s swing haha!